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The Mothman, Alien Pants, and the Gary Hell House

This week, as part of our Spooptober celebration, we’re talking some of our favorite paranormal events and entities as well as some of the cryptids

Ready to learn more about the Fresno Nightcrawler AKA Mr. Space-pants? What about the Chicago Mothman? How about the (possible) inspiration for the Killer Condom, the mongolian death worm? Of course you’re ready. Strap on those headphones and get ready to have your mind BLOWN AWAY with some info you’ll never un-hear.

Also, Bill tells us about his run-in with the paranormal that definitely isn’t bad beans.

Finally, Mike got sick of us and we decided to have the owner of Temple News Agency, Joe Whicker, join us as a guest co-host and he didn’t make us any worse than usual!

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Fresno Nightcrawler

Gary Portal to Hell

Bonus: Bleeding Church